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I am trained from a traditional yoga teacher training provided by Himalaya Yoga Valley based in Goa, India and Cork, Ireland. We follow Ashtanga style of asana practice and a glimpse of Iyengar. Therefore, we use props and variations during the classes to make it accessible for everyone. During the course I learned not only how to practise yoga asanas safely but also Ayurveda, Philosophy, Anatomy, Pranayama & Mediation, Asana and Teaching Methodologies. 

Before embarking on the training, I had already established my home practice (asana, pranayama and mediation) since 2016 with the thirst to become a better meditator. After I realised how asanas and pranayama allowed me to find ease in my body and mind, I decided to have the training and to practise safely at home. However, after I completed my practicum, I felt so comfortable teaching yoga and fell in love with spreading the joy of being at ease in your body and with your mind. It’s the simplest form of happiness. You just need yourself and a yoga mat. I have studied online and in-person with yoga teachers including Judith Hanson Lasater & Mary Richards, Tias Little, Carrie Owerko, Shari Freriedrichsen, Joan Hyman and Jeanne Heileman.

My yoga journey started on and off since I was in my 20s becuase of chronic lower back pain- it wasn’t meditative. In fact what drew me to yoga asana or awareness of the postures was meditation. I wanted to become a better meditator by becoming aware of bodily sensations and being at ease with my thoughts more deeply. I noticed yoga asana also allows me to drop into the less anxious state of mind with less effort. Therefore, like the majority of youga teachers, my teaching will be always focused on connecting your movements – breaths – mind together.

Since 2016, I have been studying Since 2016 I study meditation and Buddhist philosophy with Alistair Appleton and have learned a meditative asana with my yoga teacher Sevanti Attwood. This has helped me to realise that meditation and asana are my principal toos for me to live my life more fully and with courage. I am most grateful to two beloved teachers of mine; Alistair for inspiring me to establish a daily meditation practice and to Sevanti who makes yoga appeal to me and encouraged me to become a teacher. Both teach by example.

I recently hold a certificate in Yoga and Ayurveda from the School of Yoga.

Currently, I am studying ‘Experimental Anatomy’ with Judith Hanson Later, the author ‘Living Your Yoga’ and Mary Richards, yoga teacher who’s specialised in anatomy.

My core values

🤍 Yoga should be available to EVERYONE.
💙 The practice of Yoga (and Buddhism for lay people) focuses on Ahimsa – non -violence or tenderness towards yourself.

💛 You don’t need to wear particular clothes to practise asanas.
🧡 Yoga is a specifically designed practice to use your body to shape your mind and use your mind to shape your body. This will increase strength and coordination, relaxation, and symmetry both in your body and mind. Choose a yoga style that suits your body and use props so that your asana becomes a place where you can rest in the pose not fighting against it. This makes yoga is a very powerful method of healing.
❤️ No one can feel your pain and you cannot feel anyone’s pain. Do look after yourself and pay attention to your body when you practise yoga.

If this resonates with what you want to approach your yoga practice, come and practise together.

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I am a yoga aspirant and give free yoga sessions to everyone around the globe.

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